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Honestly 10x better than fortnite

Rules of Survival

Good FPS on mobile phone.

Unreal game

This game is way too fun! I spend too much time playing!

One of the best games I've ever played on a phone

thought it was kinda cheesy at first but as soon as you get A hang of it it's the easily the best game I've played for sure!!


Great mobile game

Fun game

Good game overall


Great game. Challenging


Really nice game!


Please release a PS4 version

9/10 Crawling simulator

There are some display issues after the patch. The number of ammo and the heal items on the screen are distorted. Other than that 9/10 for crawling and camping simulator. Because of 3rd person, being prone might have a slight advantage over crouching. Also, trade killing shouldn't exist in this game because it's laggy and unfair. Please cancel the damage by the person if he's dead already. The hit register when getting is too slow, these registers even after I'm completely behind a building or tree. And I'll die in the corner even though I should've been dead before I reached the corner. This is why trade killing will not work in this game. Good job taking out the team killing.

Keeps Crashing :(

When i press play then it loads after that it crashes


It’s the best game I played and it’s good because you can play with friends

Great game

Awesome collaboration.

Please read this review

Great game all around just come up with more custom games like zombies the variety is what keeps me coming back to Play

Better than I expected

For a battle Royale game on mobile this game is a lot better than I expected it to be. Shooting controls aren’t too bad and the graphics are pretty good

Amazing game

This game is amazing when you don't have time to play Xbox/PC/PS4 games!


I think it is a very good game but tried to copy Fortnite


This game is amazing. But I do wish that the vehicle spawn would be a little more, cause is a bit hard to find a car or a motorcycle. Other than that, best game EVER.

Rules of survival

Best game on earth


Great game

Not Bad!

I expected this game to be a cheap ripoff of Battlegrounds. While I went in fully knowing it would copy most elements of PUBG, I didn’t expect such great connections and gameplay. I’d definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes the Battle Royale genre.

Great game

The graphics are great, really competitive, and they updated it allot!!! AWESOME GAME!

Best game

ING 10/10

Can’t find a name

I can’t even play because there are no names left

The best

Clove the game invisible really good abscissa I'm very sorry bae portable pubg


Absolutely recommend


I love the game it tells you your battery while your playing so you don't have do go out Nd go back in it is a fun game to play at school

Great Game But...

I love the game. It is fun and allows me to play with my friends and other random people I get to know. But I just think that whenever I play, it is the same thing again and again. Same houses, same roads, same bridges. I just feel that the map is to small. I just want it to be bigger. I don’t care if you make new places or if you make the places already there bigger.


Love this game

Love it!!

Game is very addicting

Used to be a great game.

Before the last update it was a great game. After the most recent update, the game sounds started glitching. My character also started respawning about 50 feet away from my original area. I used to love this game, please fix this.

Awesome game.

This game is really amazing. If you’re a big fan of PUBG or Fortnite than this is a perfect substitute.

I win



Dis game fye. Download it

Super fun

A great time killer.


I think everything is amazing good job guys

Best game

Has good graphic and good game mechanics


Absolutely love the setup of attachments and firearms for the loot

It lit

So good

Awesome games

It’s the best thing ever it is way better then knives out knives out is horrible it’s a remake of this stick with this one you will be satisfied multiplayer with your friends I do it with my brothers all the time I love this gam

Best Game Ever

Bruhhhh play this end of story

Surprisingly good

I thought it would be a horrible ripoff of pubg but was very surprised by how good it was

Best game

Best game in the App Store

Great game.

Very enjoyable.

I loooooove it!!

I got 1st place, really good game overall

Rules of survival

This game is awsome it’s like fort nite


Funny how I always loose and get shot in the back good job on indicators and letting others win compared to me is this like fortnite where you pay to win so I loose because I don’t pay? Must be.


i just want my character to be black man smh


best thing closest to fortnite on phone

Loveeee it

Best game ever on iOS

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