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Stop copying Fortnite

Now Fortnite mobile is out so I left this game


Better than pubg


Good gam I liked it

This is awesome

I love this game I play a lot

Awesome so far

I like it

Why did I get banned?!?!

Why did I get banned?? I try to register to appeal but I can’t even register!! Now I have to wait 3 days to see if my account still exists!! TOTAL BS!!! You guys need to make it more difficult for the idiot jokers to ban anyone they feel like.

Amazing game

Awesome graphics best play and sub to my channel Pure gammer

This is the best game ever

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pubg looks and is better

Don’t support this obvious Pubg knockoff just get the actual Pubg and don’t waste ur money on this crap with cosmetics because Pubg is completely free to play I don’t think you can even buy things in it.


This game is a lot of fun!!


I love it very fun me and my dad play every night but I really think it should add a atv it would a awesome thing and better than a boat because you are like never in need of the boat.

Love the game

Bomb diggit


Its super Laggy infact laggiest game ive played,but otherwise Love It.

Needs better cars n guns

That’s it

I don’t like other games

This is one game I will actually write a good remark on its awsome I wish they would take my idea for suits to wear but it’s ok it’s a really fun and challenging game

Unjust Ban

Extremely horrible customer service. Developers really need to fix this game’s code, especially it’s banning system. I was unjustly banned for prohibited behavior. I did not use any cheats nor any third party programs. I reached out to them, and all I got was a computer generated response. Don’t bother with this one, switch to Fortnite or Public Battlegrounds.


XD! This game is just like pubg

Fun game

Pretty awesome game

Very Good Game!

This game is almost like PUBG. Very realistic graphics and nice shooting. I recommend playing this cause I just got my first win on this when the others had no chance. Good Luck on the game😎.

Good but...

The game is really fun but you need to fix is getting kicked out.When I'm playing it kicks me out of the game and I lag...I have good wifi so the other game have no problem but this one kicks me then I stay in the force field and die ;(




Awesome game!


Awesome. 4.5. Much better than Fortnite😂😂

Great but could use some fixes

Great game but need to fix glitches or bugs like fire delays

I am very Confused

I went to play Rules of Survival, my favorite mobile game, but when I logged in, a screen popped up and said that I had been banned for 3 days from the game for “Prohibited Behavior” I have no clue what I did and I just want my account back. I need a response My Username is Pickleboi16 (lol)

Rules of survival

This game is awesome

It ok

Good game most of the the time

Love love love it

Love it


Fun and really just up there and it is really intense but it seems really easy because I just started playing after like 5 months and I got a win on my first try

Got my first win

Got my first win

Best game ever

I just joined after downloading this game and I won my first game and the vehicles are so awesome

Awesome Game!

Love the gameplay, it is so additive can't stop playing! Love this game!!


This game is really fun to play I could play it for hours better than pubg mobile because it takes less internet to play and there’s better graphics

Oh yeah!

Very addictive!!

Love it

Very addictive game.


The game shouldn’t be allowed to suspend players

Westicles likey

Who like a big chicken smacky da face. Pow licky licky

Best game ever!!!!

Very good game

To whom it may concern

It’s not a bad game but the screen is too busy.


Me and my friend just played together for the first time and we got a win! I'm so happy!!!!


The game is great and in good condition

Won First Game

OMW love love love


Best game Forget PubG

1st time played so far so good

So far fun

Good game

Best game in the world

Beast mode game

I love it I just got a win

To bad 👎👎

Rule of Sarival first time I play this it good but more lagging I gold and there is a vent if you're a silver or higher you can come to this event but if you do say yes you start over and I hate cancel put back to silver and just get fortnight mobile or pub G mobile if rules of survival put old rank I will delete this message

Good but want something

Good game but can you like add build thing because you need cover to shoot


So I’m Platinum 1 and in the verge of Diamond and the season ends and I’m demoted to Gold 2. Seriously?? How in the hell can you do that. This games needs to be more Clash of Clans. The ranking you earn you keep. Not lose and have to start over. Absolutely stupid...STUPID. Deleting the app. Not worth my time to gain something and have it taken away. Cheers

What the heck

I got banned for three days for hacking and I don’t even know how to hack

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