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Good game



Love it

Friend request?

Well me and my friend were trying to play together when we searched our names up nothing popped up we tried many times , ok so then we scanned the bar code and nothing still popped up so how do u play together?

Trash game



This game is so fun I play it every day and night for the last time it is so fun👌😀😀😀😀


Too easy


Fix the bugs and stop the hackers...please.

Rules of survival

Best game ever


Awesome game!!!

So fun!

I really enjoy playing! Love the updates.


I gutsy got this game and I won a slolo Mach with 100+ players😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝


اللعبة دائما تعلق عندي

More and more lag

Each update causes the game to lag even more. Making it unplayable. I used to be able to run the game on excellent, now I can't even run it on power saving. Literally trash and annoying. My phone isn't overheating or anything. It's literally the game, any other game is running completely fine but this thing is unplayable. Fix this or it's going downhill.

Great game!

I love this game! Its super fun! Download it!

Good game

The reason I put 3 stars is because of a few things... I added a star because it is a very good game for a mobile game... I added another star because I won my first game back after I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it 3 months later... One more star is for having the game very easy... I deducted a star because the game is too easy they are all bots... another star bc 5 stars isn’t a thing.

Love the game

The game is really good but sometimes glitches out

Amazing Time Killer

This game is by far one of favorite games to play I just hate the lag I can’t play as much as I want to because of it hope to get this fixed thanks


Did not encounter cheater at this time, improvement in game

Fix game plz

This game I don’t like I rather play Fortnite


That so cool awesome


Good social game.


At first my sisters and brothers were playing it I was like what so special about this game and when I downloaded 1month later I fell in love I will literally check on this game every 2 minutes lol tbh I love this it also helped m eMate lots of friends friends that I will be meeting in the future

Best battle royal game

Rules of survival is awesome it is better than fort nite and pub g


The customer service for this game is the worst that I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve spent over $200 in this game and recently found out that even though you bind your account through Facebook or Email, your account is not available if you change Devices from Android to iPhone. I emailed the game expressed my concerns about the game not mentioning this fatal flaw prior to purchases or binding accounts. The only thing I received was generated responses stating I could always play on my old device. They couldn’t even take time to actually reply. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME!

i like this

good game

The best game ever

This game is the best

The best game

This game is my favorite game I very love this game


Perfect game


Me encanta este juego


Ray or gay

Great but..

Please do something about the hackers, theyre using speed hacks and some of them can shoot you from across the map and through trees and buildings. its really annoying :/ #enoughskinsmoreantihack

Kind Of Upset

So Once I Got It I Started Having Crashes Once I Die. But



Try it, you might like it

Great game. Little glitching but still plays well

Better than fortnite

I love it alot more than fortnite cause more realistic

Best online game AND ITS FREE

This game has all the components that makes it a great game, making friends, using mic, driving cars, clothing, and warfare

About game

I love this game

Rip off better when fortnite didn’t exist

This game is a great game it’s the same as pubg, but since fortnite came out on mobile and pubg copies mobile edition there really is no need for rip-off games like these

Good Game

This game is amazing I love the graphics and the playing style! It has such potential to be a great game better than Fortnite and PUBG and I know this game is based off it but I think this game is better. What I want to see is a tank yes you heard me a tank that says BLACKHAWK on the side so please add that! Best game ever!


awesome shooting game, i love it!!!

Gg But friends problem

This game is amazing (unlike Fortnite)but theres only one problem, I cant become friends with someone that’s 3 blocks away but i can become friends with someone IN JAPAN!! I hope R.O.S. will fix this in the future. :)

Great game

ROS is a great BR game it just has SO MANY issues that you guys don’t seem to care enough to fix them!

Love it

Great game best I’ve played


This game is greT

Rip Off

Don’t trust the 4 or 5 star reviews their fake.Its a Pub G rip off!


This game is ripped of Fortnite and you make people pay to have friends

Rules of survival

It is a great game it is fun

Very good game!!!

I love your game it is amazingly fun just like fortnite you guys would be GREAT employees for epic games

Rules of survival

35% of the people in the world play this game and it’s really good and easy to learn


There are so many bugs and glitches and all that netease is doing is adding more lag. They don't care about gameplay they only care about money. All of the updates are skins and lag.

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