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Takes too long to get into a match

It can take up to 10 minutes to get into a match. Also there are too many bots. Pubg is wayyyyyyyyyy better.



Rules of survival

Really dope

The Update Made Me Loose my Account?

Overall, I love this game. I’ve been playing since last year. And I find myself getting up in the mornings and immediately going on here! So, keep up the good work! However, I recently experienced an issue when I updated the latest update. I bought the monthly pass and whatnot, so I went on to claim my things diamond or tickets. However, when i opened the app, I was signed out of my account. I had binded my account to Facebook, so I tried signing back in. Though, it said that my account did not exist, which was strange because I signed in with the app. So, I reinstalled the app a few tines, as I also retried several times. But every attempt resulted in a fail in attempting to log in. Is it possible that I am able to get my account back? (I didn’t have it binded with game center.) Or do I have to start over?

We love this game!!

Me and my boyfriend really enjoy this game


It was alright


You expect us to buy skins when your game is trash and your game is full of hackers. Your best players left, the people that made your game famous, left. And you still are pushing us to buy your lame skins.


It’s fun.


This game is the funnest game I played in idk how long. It rlly keep you busy for a while when your bored. You should rlly download this game!!!

Love it

Love the game


I am done with the game nothing but lagging

Can you put in a update with emotes

New update

Good game

Best app


I play this game a lot and came across a problem.Every time I would get in a car it would teleport back to where it was 2 seconds ago which would just me killed.So until you guys fix this problem my rating will be a one-star review.😤

supercool game

i love this game so much’but u need to prepare lag in iphone x’ and long sight visons


This makes me feel good🤓

Rules of survival note

This game has been the bomb so far cause when you survive the longest you win and you earn rewards when you win for the long surviver you can level up your rewards for winning the modes are solo ranked squad death 💀 race mode when you kill teams the next one is fireteam ranked when you get in to teams and battle also when you battle you can find weapons and kill people with them and this is the third one it’s called duo ranked when it is only two people in your squad so try duo it will blow you mind played rules of survival and you could win tons of rewards install this so you can be killing and killing.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Dumb creators

The creators are dumb because I got banned for no reason

Addicting 💯💯

Really fun to play💯it can bf frustrating at times but it’s all worth it👍🏽

Grandioso es el juego que buscábamos


Love this game but...

I love this game! I used to play this like almost constantly and couldn’t get enough! I stopped playing for a while because I wanted to start a job and didn’t have the time. I tried redownloading the game and this is what happened: First I tried reconnecting and it seemed to work, then I shut the app down. I tried re-entering it and says it failed to login. I decided to uninstall and reinstall, and then I couldn’t access my old character and stuff due to being on a different server. So THEN I switched it, and what happened at first was I couldn’t touch anything although the noises happened, I closed the app, restarted, was able to see my character, but couldn’t touch anything. Restarted the app, and again login failed. So if there is anyway to fix this, please do so or let me know how I can fix it if it’s on my side. Thanks and keep up the good work!



please fix the lag issues

some games I have good games with no lag, but some games I lag up and can’t play, examples are no reload, can’t switch any guns and get kicked out. please fix this problem

I love it

I love the game so much that I like making friends but some people are crazy and start being mean to you or sexual stuff I still love the game that I I give it five stars


Really cool

Most amazing game ever


De maravilla


Rules of survival

Best game

Answer me this

The Thompson no longer hits for crap. I can hit 20-25 rounds and still not kill someone. Funny though that I have level 3 armor and helmet and I die from one shotgun round. This game has the worst programmers. They screw up weekly with every “update”. I say the word “update” loosely. It’s appears they break their game each week. This week it’s the Thompson. It is now Worthless. Wtg netease. You guys are horrible.

Knockoff PUBG. Ridiculous Favoritism to those who spend Money only!!!

This game is trash and is an obvious knockoff of PUBG. The Game Developers obviously don’t care about the Players UNLESS you spend some money, then their on your side helping you out in the game allowing you to wield Dual Weapons while the other players who haven’t spent any money are basically fish in a barrel with the sad excuse of Weapons the spawn on the map. It’s clear that they are picking and choosing sides, allowing those who actually spend money with the freedom of killing off the other players with their Dual Weapons so there is no competition or any real way of winning because you only get whatever guns are spawned near you meanwhile helping those who like to spend money with these exotic Dual Weapons that basically make it impossible for people to have a fighting chance at winning. It’s absolutely ridiculous and such a 1 sided B.S game, and which side is that? The side that spends money, deleting and making sure to let everyone I know not to download this P.O.S 1 sided favoritism game. Sticking to PUBG so keep trying, and keep copying off of PUBG because you guys need it, and definitely need to pick up a few lessons.

bug city

this game has too many bugs.

Fix a little in the gameplay and the bugs

I would bugs and glitches to go out of the game.

Great game

Rules of survival is a great game I play it everyday non stop but after a few updates this game has been so laggy rules should make it that North America players don’t get matched in the same game as Latin American server player that’s the thing that’s causing all this lag can’t even play anymore




the graphics, whack! the controls, whack! the skins, whack! the gameplay, whack! the balance, whack! pubg? it's tight as f*ck!

I like it but needs updates

Really laggy


Awesome game but a there’s a bunch of lags but best game also make it al Title bit like fortnite



Dear netease games please fix optimization

Finally you released a new update but yet the game remains unplayable it still constantly crashes even if I boost my ram I still get the same result why don't you idiots hurry up and fix rules of survival for iPod touch 5 iOS 9.3.5😡👎


Urusin citer tuh

Love this game

The graphics are really good and I like how they put cars and motorcycles and all the scopes I’ve had been playing for over an Year whoever made this game is really good at making games whoever never played this please install this game please rate 5 stars and leave a comment


Great Game !


Cool game

My first win

Thank you for having this game


The game lets us have FPS TPS a lot of guns and you can squat and lay down and jump so BEST GAME EVER If I could I would give it a ten

It’s agony


I need this fixed

I really like this game but sometimes my FPS doesn’t go on .

To netease games

Hey guys so I have finally spent money on the game cause I love it but it’s been laggy lately and I just spent $50 and when I bought the pass it gave me the training points thing so I was using them when I guess it started to lag and said 16 but when I finished I had only 30 diamonds left it would be nice to get those back since it didn’t tell me that I was using diamonds and I really like the game I would hate to have another of my favorite games ruined. And later in the future I’m thinking of spending more money but at the moment I’m not happy about this I was pretty bummed out cause I really want a new m4 skin but yeah my gamer tag is Suicidekiller808 please help me Add on: I love everything just to let u know guys the game has improved a lot and its like real life now the only problem is that I have FPS downloaded and now I can’t us it I would appreciate it if u guys responded and read my review cause I need u to understand the frustration I have right now cause my diamonds are gone

best game

love ❤️



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