Rules of Survival アプリのレビュー

Game changer

This game changed the game for cell phone games

Nice game



This was the first battle royal game I ever played(first this then fortnite)this game is a amazing game keep up the good work.



Add stuff

It would be cool if you add jet packs then it will be way better than fortnite

Good ideas

Good ideas really i supporting you in everything you said

Rules of survival

Love this game!

Fun game

This game is really fun just to play as a solo or squads

Worst game

Game is awesome but it needs more skin color and it always freezes and it is just like PUBG


I like this game and all but u copied PUBG soo...

Fix the lag

Fix the lag i like the game

Just play Pubg instead

This game is dying because of all the unpolished gameplay and overly greedy micro transactions. Pubg Mobile is not extremely good but it does everything this game does but better in almost every way. The only thing this game has over Pubg Mobile is the cosmetics and crate system, but that’s no excuse when you can’t even play anymore. NetEase deserves the lawsuit and most of the fan base probably went to fortnite. Edit:They are literally just trying to milk the last dollar out of this game, the responds are all the same but they literally messed up too much to the point it’s scaring everybody away. Literally almost everyone is moving to Pubg. The rating are good because they were from the older days without Pubg or Fortnite. But to be fair, having “possibility” to run a car gamemode is pretty impressive and having a $500 cosmetic actually be seen a decent bit. Still bet the bot and employees were from with EA. P.S Why are you even reading these comments, this game is dead?

Very good

I like how you give gifts👍🏻👍🏻, and The control is very good!!! I just can’t stop playing Rules Of Survival💗💗

Server maintenance

The servers go down WAY too often for maintenance. They go down in Los Angeles from 3-6 pm whenever they do it. Why in such a big market would you do maintenance in the middle of the day? SO annoying.

R O S r a t i n g

It’s fun + addicting but the maintenance shud take 2 - 6 hours. I hate not being able to play. ThankS😊

Best mobile game ever

I just won a game with a random and it just feels great this game is just so amazing.

Do not download!!

This game lags horribly, does not allow me to move or shoot making me an easy target. This game also decided to make me create a new character after having played for quite a while, deleting all of my progress and then would not allow me to create that new character. I tried to contact administrator and was given a run around.

Change Bloom

It is way to easy for people to no-scope people. That has happened to me too many times to where it has got me to a point where I have just stopped playing your crappy game. FIX IT. I mean PubG is better than this and I hate PubG!!!!!!

Worth Every Second

Not the first time I play this game. Downloaded it once again out of nostalgia, and got reminded of how great it is. My congratulations to the people behind this game! It’s not a perfect battle royale game, yet, but it’s a worthy candidate in the competition.

I win now



Love this game




Great game I have so much fun with it, it’s so addictive and the skins cars guns it’s all great I’ve already won my first game and I’m so happy!! Keep up the good work!!


All I Have to say is that this is the worst knockoff of pubg out there Take it back Sirvivor royale is the worst I’ll now give you two stars instead of one

It’s good

I wish games would stop copying fortnite tho

Good game

It’s great game little laggy but good game

I won!

It made me feel good when I won!

Rules of survival

Was pretty fun and easy

I love it

1st this game is good 2nd this is the new fortnight

One baby step under fortnite

Rules of Survival is such a great game. The only downside is that you can't build. The vehicles are great, and the graphics are real, too.



Pretty g


ing it for over a year and the newer updates were a to muchReally fun game and you should try it

Love the game but there’s a bit of lag and bugs. I’ve been playing it for over a year and the newer updates

False Advertising

The are three problems with this game. False advertising on the App Store. You have to make an In-Game purchase to have unique distinct clothes, when it advertises you can get the from draws. Third is PC games are on the SAME server as mobile gamers using hacks. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself. They will enter the game and while you are waiting for the match to begin they will pawn items, drop items that you shouldn’t even have yet. No I’m not referring to the SINGLE vehicle in the starting island, or the multiple guns.

Great game

Great graphics great gameplay great map can’t explain how much I love this game.

Pure power

We are missing one vehicle and everybody knows that this will be the best vehicle in the game. Helicopters. I also think that there should be remote bombs and rocket launchers.

Oh friggin yeah!!!

So good so good so good..........aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah

nice game

good game


This is a interesting game , I love it


Beat game

Me winning the game

I like this game I’m in level 12 and I and my team won!!!

Great and bad

Rule of survival is a great game but things I don’t like is some people are fast but other are slow and it’s not fair and almost everything is expensive and it should cost less

Omegalol Vxezy

It is amazing

Awesome game

Amazing game!

Needs animals!

You guys should add animals to survive from and please add lions if you do add animals lions could be the best threat for it And they can be killed and be runed over with a car.


When i try to search up my friends it says player not found and when they try to search me up it says the same thing. But they can find each other just not me. Idk how to fix this please help

Favourite game

Men this game is may favourite Now


I love this game. It’s amazing! But what would be really cool as others have said is a survival mode with waves of enemies. It would be nice one if you wanted to play a game when you don’t have WiFi as well. Just a suggestion. Still a great game.


Although it may freeze sometimes this game is very fun to play !!!


Best Battle Royale out there with great feature and Good Graphic with Balanced Guns

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