Rules of Survival アプリのレビュー

Mr Thein

This is the best game ever!😍


Love it, better then pubg an Fortnite, amazing game brochachos

Good game

The game is great but it’s very laggy that is the only thing

I luvvv

Game is awesomeee

This game is great

I love this game. On my opinion it is a better mobile game then pub-g or Fortnite. The controls are easier then both Fortnite and pub-g. In all this is a great game.

Littered with hackers

I just ran over a guy with BOOST at beginning of game. He had NO gear. I only did 70 damage because of all custom clothes he had one. If you spend money netease will help you out and make you better at game. This is BS Sunday morning Again, the game is littered with hackers. I have had three different players shoot me through cinder blocks. They can’t hit me but they know exactly where I am. I’m not touching wall - so nothing is poking through to give away my position. Happened in three games. Been also killed by lag hackers. They constantly disappear from my screen and reappear 20 feet away. My ping is currently less than 100 so it’s not me lagging. Horrible what hackers are doing to this game. I’m guessing netease doesn't care as long as they give them money. It’s Saturday night and I’m trying to play but game is littered with hackers. Impossible to play. Netease only cares about the cash you give it. they will milk this cow until game the game is ruined and then they will move on to another game. They don’t care about improving this game (you can tell by updates each week).


Well I guess it’s a pretty good game. It’s a lot like PuBG although different. It also just seems easier to me but that may just be me. Sometimes it gets glitchy but it’s still fine.

An honest 4/5 stars

Last season I naught the diamond pass thing and I was able to play for a while and it's a new season so how do I get those diamonds back?

Pubg copy

I think it’s kind of obvious it’s a pubg clone, just look at it. My brother plays pubg and he said one of the rooms as the exact same detail copied straight from pubg.

iPhone Xs Max gameplay

So this game is amazing. I’m not going to say how much I love it because it could take all day. One of the huge issues I’m getting really annoyed with is how the game display is blocked sometimes because of the iPhone xs Max large screen. In the lobby, the options to click on cloth and friends list, rank, etc. is blocked by the iPhones top microphone. Also, while playing with friends I can’t see who’s alive or who’s dead because the button sits directly on these friends names while playing. Please fix these bugs/glitches please!

Super fun

Really addicting


I have one channe show every things new i give rules a lot of money i want rules give me one the car put only 3 -4 people have in the SV Europe




Is very god

Great game honestly

Game is running great no lag at all on my new phone.

More hackers

More hackers in ROS we are very difficult get win


The game is all about money the company doesn't focus on the game Its about skins for the player or the gun 6/10/18 KICKS ME OUT FOR NO REASON 9/22/18 game update LOST EVER LAST THING I EVER BOUGHT CANT FIND A WAY TO GET ANY OF MY SKINS BACK LOTS OF FAKE REVIEW!!!!



F ros

Is dead game I lost 200$ account

It’s amazing

This is the best mobile battle royal game I’ve seen in a while keep up the good work


Extremely laggy but a good game other than that.

Be more original

This game is amazing, still a little glitchy. One of the only bad things is the battle pass. Stop trying to copy other games. Be original

Better than PUBG

This game is my first battle royal. When I first played this I was amazed by all he action. Then I played pubg. The things that makes this game this game different that pubg is that it’s less complicated. You see, pubg has correct ammo labels like .45 which is hard to remember all the different labels for ammo unless if you have been playing for a while. In rules of survival it is just assault,sniper, and smg which is easer to remember. I will always remember this game as my first battle royal and I’d just like to say good job and keep up the good work.

The best game ever

Keep it up it’s the best 5 stars


The cars do to much damage


This game is fun

From Eli Lewis

Rules of survival is a great game but I would change a few things running is to slow and some cars are to fast and I don’t have enough time to stop so I don’t crash and some are to slow so I can’t get away

Good game

Best battle Royale game



Rules of survival

I like you

Cool Game

This is an awesome game

Great game

Love it

Pretty good

I love this game! But I haven’t been able to download FPS mode since the last update, please fix this. It says “FPS resources cannot be found” and I need to be able to use the gun scope to kill people. Once this is fixed I will rate 5. Also there are deals saying free costume pack, free 2x gold etc. if you watch a video but it never works. Please fix this ASAP



Gud game

Great game but alot of hackers


It’s both laggy and slow. I would give it 0 stars but i can’t sadly.

Wish the game was like before with no hackers or glitches

RoS was a fun game for me but then in the month of March and April, there has been a great amount of hackers and glitches. I really can't play one game without seeing a hacker there's just too much. Now that I have downloaded it again it's still where I've left off but even much more. Your description of this game is a big LIE!!!. Really" absolute fair gameplay". The developers I know you won't read this message because all your to focus on is getting all the wealth. Tbh all the other battle Royale games I've played far surpass this unwanted game. I really wished you would have fix it. That was all I wanted in this game was an update where everything is fixed or a game without any hackers. Again I know you won't read this because you are all to focus on wealth also because of a bad review like this you'll delete my comment so that others won't see it, but just to download this game to experience what I have.

The best game ever

Best game ever

Awesome but

I think there is lag for me like any time a shoot a shotgun i lag and sometimes lag out pls fix

No Y-axis inversion integrated into the game.

There is no y inversion integrated into the game. It has nothing to do with clearing the cache, needing ram on my phone, or a software issue. Its an in game issue that should be an option for y-inverted players.

like it

i like it



It’s ok for beginners

Downloaded this game because of my love for PUBG. Thought it would be a cool alternative for when I don’t have thirty minutes to play a match in PUBG. What does it have that PUBG doesn’t have, a lot of advertisements. Let people who want to pay, pay for the game and get rid of all the ads. Also, the first match I played in, I won. It’s too easy to win and there is no rush when you win. When I win or even get in the top ten of PUBG my hands start shaking from the rush of making it that far into the match. For some reason I just really didn’t care about this game. Maybe it’s just me. It is however a good game for beginners to get started in battle royal games. Or you could just download the game they ripped off of...PUBG! It’s a lot more fun, for me anyway.


I want to have an update for SMG Vetor skin in rule of survival. Ok

Lags problems

Can u at least fix the lags in the game . I been playing it to much like a lot but it lags and now I’m barely starting to play ros now I’m playing Pubg cause it don’t lag but Ros and if you guys fix the lag Ima start playing this game again.

I love ros

Thanks for game ros thanks everyone

To the people Who made this game

This this is a fun game I’m not gonna lie you do lotta updates are like awesome but I what I most like is where you team up with other friends like pug I don’t know it’s what is call but I like this game and is so mach funny

It’s alright

It’s preety good and fun but some things for me like gold mode don’t work so meh


Yayeet666 add me


I, I love your game but the lag is horrible even on an iOS device. And then there is the shooting delay it’s really bad. Like I will be behind a rock and people would still shoot me and I would die plz fix that.

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